About Us

We are a Business Development Advisory Boutique based in Hong Kong. Over the years we have built a network of selected Partners. With them we deliver customized solutions and targeted opportunities to our clientele’s specific needs.

Because each Client has unique needs, we provide the personal attention and custom approach of a local firm. Yet our ability to deliver innovative solutions and strong benefits to each Client is strengthened by our knowledge of key markets and by our access to selected global Partners.

We, with our Partners, work hard towards a common goal and deliver beyond expectations. We cooperate, collaborate, and empower one another in recognition that a global effort translates into exceptional solutions and results.


Our Mission

We work with each of our clients to develop businesses which build and enhance human, natural and financial capital for the future. We help deliver strong social and commercial returns in line with your strategy.


Our Values

  • Integrity and Honesty

We are committed to integrity and honesty in all our dealings and relationships and we expect the same in return.

  • Excellence and Innovation

We constantly strive to redefine the standard of excellence in everything we do and seek to create new value through innovation.

  • Respect for the Difference

We treat one another with respect and dignity, appreciating individual and cultural differences. We seek to learn and therefore we listen to one another attentively and communicate often and openly.

  • Delighting our Clients

We go to extraordinary lengths to delight our Clients. We know that by exceeding their expectations we turn them into advocates for our businesses.

  • Creating Wealth and Caring about Our Communities & Our Environment

We deeply believe in our responsibility towards future generations and earn our profits keeping this in mind.